Hirani: PS Vita to be built as a social networking device using augmented reality

Playstation Vita 2011

Playstation Vita 2011

In the world of gaming, augmented reality is a hot issue. At this year’s E3 gaming expo, the technology enjoyed much of the limelight. Developers have become interested in AR due to its dynamic nature, which makes it something of a Holy Grail in terms of gaming. Conventional hardware is somewhat lacking when it comes to AR compatibility, however, so developers have had to rethink their designs to better incorporate the technology. For this reason, Sony is building their new PlayStation Vita with a different methodology.

Sony unveiled the Vita at E3 and the handheld gaming device quickly became a crowd favorite. The Vita’s most profound feature is its capacity for AR gaming and other such programs. The device is loaded with cameras, motion sensors and geomapping technologies to provide an immersive and complex AR experience. There can be no doubt that the Vita will have an impact on the gaming industry in terms of AR progression, but Sony has another goal in mind for their use of augmented reality.

Sony developer Kish Hirani says that the entire system is being developed as a social networking device. Using AR, the Vita will allow users to connect with other gamers and build communities. The Vita will also be able to integrate with Facebook and YouTube so that users can share their accomplishments through social media sites.

Overall, AR is slated to play a major role in the gaming industry, especially as the hardware becomes capable of realizing the full potential of the technology.

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