Have QR codes reached their limits?

QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing

The world of mobile marketing and m-commerce are evolving very quickly, to the point that many are finding it difficult to keep up with their evaluations of different techniques and technologies, causing some to ask whether or not QR codes have reached the end of their usefulness.

These barcodes have, after all, been around for a while, though it was not until quite recently that they moved from being used in vehicle manufacturing plants for tracking parts, to being incorporated into marketing in our everyday lives, on everything from product packaging to billboards and bus shelter ads.

There are currently two primary issues with the use of QR codes at the moment. To make the codes successful, they need to be resolved. They are as follows:

1. The majority of companies are not using the barcodes properly – too frequently, they’re being used in rather obscure or random locations. For example, on the side of a moving vehicle, or in a place where it can be scanned only from a moving vehicle. QR codes need to be posted somewhere that it makes sense that someone will be willing and able to scan them.

Moreover, when the codes can be scanned, they’re redirecting consumers to a location that isn’t useful, helpful, or even mobile friendly. As this is the case, these consumers are less likely to act on what they see or to scan another code.

2. Users aren’t scanning QR codes properly- though the idea of these barcodes is simple enough – seeing it, scanning it with a mobile device, and using the content it provides – users don’t seem to be able to turn that concept into practice.

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