Halloween candy safety techniques are more important than ever in 2020

Halloween candy safety

Parents this year are going beyond checking their kids’ loot and are disinfecting it, too.

Halloween candy safety has taken on a new definition in 2020 as parents face concerns beyond the usual worries. 

This year, additional tools like a UV disinfecting wand can give parents peace of mind.

Even before the Halloween candy safety checking can begin, many parents are making sure that the items kids have brought home are disinfected.  This way, they can feel confident that they are keeping their kids safe after their trick-or-treating is done.

Of course, regular use of hand sanitizer is expected to be an important part of the trick-or-treating itself, once everyone gets home, a whole new process can begin.  Still, with the right UV disinfecting wand, that doesn’t need to be a long or difficult process at all. In fact, it can all be completed in about a minute or so before the traditional checking begins.

Halloween candy safety begins with washing hands, then moves on to UV sanitizing the spoils.

As soon as kids are home, the first step is to carefully wash hands.  Even if you’ve all been using hand sanitizer regularly the whole evening – which hopefully you will – hand washing with soap and water is the best way to make sure any germs on the hands are broken down and washed away.

After washing hands, spread the candy out evenly in a single layer on a clean surface.  Wash hands again (since you likely touched the candy and/or the container or sack in which it was collected).  Use a good quality UV disinfecting wand like the Mogix UVC Sanitizer Wand, hold it 2 to 6 inches from the candy and slowly pass it over them for 10 to 20 seconds per pass, at least five times. As a certified germicidal LED wand (FCC, CE, Rohs,EPA Est. No. 97271-CHN-1), you can feel confident that once you’re done, the candy is ready to be handled and checked.

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Next, use the following traditional steps to check the sanitized sweets:

  • Always wait until you get home to let your kids eat any candy they’ve received.
  • Though tampering is rare, toss any candy that looks unusual or discolored, that has torn or otherwise imperfect wrapping (including pinholes), that is unwrapped or spoiled, that is homemade or baked (unless you personally know the person who gave those items), or if you feel any other sense of doubt about the item.
  • Halloween candy safetyRemove any items that are not age-appropriate for your child as they may be choking hazards. Hard candies should be removed from very young children as a part of your careful Halloween candy safety practice.

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