GSMA Group teams with SITEC to promote augmented reality and Mobile Asia Expo

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The GSMA Group, a conglomerate of mobile network operators that work to establish and maintain standards, has announced that it will partner with the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Center (SITEC) for this year’s Mobile Asia Expo. The event brings together leaders in the mobile technology industry and encourages collaboration and networking while exhibiting some of the latest trends to emerge into the industry. Together, GSMA and SITEC will work to make this year’s event one to remember. During the event, the GSMA will work to promote the augmented reality features that it has made use of in its years of operating the Mobile World Congress.

Augmented reality continues to cause waves in the mobile tech industry

Augmented reality has been a big part of the mobile technology industry lately. The technology has managed to garner a great deal of interest amongst mobile companies because of its interactive nature. Augmented reality proved quite complicated to implement in the past, causing many companies to shy away from the technology. As mobile hardware has become more advanced, however, the demand for augmented reality has been on the rise, especially as more consumers become exposed to it.

Augmented Life Zone of Mobile Asia Expo expected to garner a great deal of attention

SITEC, whose purpose it is to promote Chinese mobile technology to the rest of the world, will assist the GSMA in promoting the Mobile Asian Expo event, which will be held June 20-22, 2012. The GSMA will pay particular attention to the event’s Augmented Life Zone, which will highlight the various applications of augmented reality. The technology’s practical and entertaining aspects will be showcased in the Augmented Life Zone and developers will have a chance to show off how they have been using the technology in their latest creations.

GSMA and SITEC to work together on future projects, according to agreement

This will be the first event the GSMA and SITEC collaborate on. According to the agreement made between the two companies, future events that will be hosted by SITEC will benefit from the promotional power of the GSMA Group. SITEC will also assist in promoting the GSMA’s augmented reality standards throughout China.

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