Growing mobile online travel worldwide in 2012

M-commerce growth

Mobile Marketing for Travel Industry has released the latest edition of its “Global Online Travel Report 2012”, which has provided an overall view with significant detail about the worldwide online travel marketplace, with the important inclusion of data regarding the use of mobile devices.

The report examined the global market as a whole, as well as various individual regions, in addition to 37 countries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle-East, the Asia-Pacific region, and southern Africa. Furthermore, it provided the latest news about the current important companies and issues, making some predictions about trends and the direction of this industry segment.

What the report decided about 2012 was that the trend for making online bookings will continue throughout the year, and will be especially prevalent among emerging economies such as India, China, and Brazil. As smartphones and mobile online use becomes increasingly prevalent, this trend should begin to notably spike – especially in those regions.

That said, so far, the biggest spenders in the online travel marketplace are in the United States, which had a greater online value than all of the combined bookings made in Great Britain, India, China, and Brazil.

Mobile online bookings were seen to have played an important role and are expected to continue doing so. In this report, the researchers found that in terms of bookings made over mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets – hotel rooms and services were reserved the most frequently, followed by airline flights, and then travel packages that include more than one form of booking, for example, both transportation and accommodations.

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