Growing Careers within the Engineering Industry

Engineering Industry new career

Engineering industries include aspects of design and technology in order to create something, and this can be applied to physical structures, computer technology, and anything in between.

As the engineering industry continues to grow and develop in diverse ways, the opportunities are there for a range of careers. If you are interested in forging a career path in the engineering industry, here is a guide to some of best specialist fields you can enter to enjoy a long and prosperous career.

Software Engineering

A software engineer takes the code that is written by programmers and designs it into a product that can be used in computing systems. It involves principles of science and mathematics, as well as requiring problem-solving and analytical skills. As growth continues in the industry, being a software engineer is a career where you will be able to develop new skills as time progresses. Examples include online software, gaming, and artificial intelligence.

Civil Engineering

One of the most popular engineering fields, civil engineers design and construct infrastructures such as public roads, bridges, dams, buildings, and much more. The skills required for a civil engineering role include creating design concepts that work and can be built within a budget. Creative and problem-solving skills are essential, as well as the ability to liaise with designers, contractors, and clients. To enter this field of engineering, qualifications in math and science are a good place to start. You can then get specific civil engineering qualifications either through an employer or from a degree course.

Mechanical Engineering

One of the oldest engineering fields, yet still vital, is mechanical engineering. It is the role of a mechanical engineer to design and build mechanical systems, such as machinery, that can be applied to many purposes, such as within the automotive industry, civil engineering, and manufacturing. A background in physics, mathematics, and design is a good entry point for a career in this field.

Manufacturing Management

Project management within manufacturing is a profession that can save businesses money through efficient ways of working, time-saving strategies, and the reduction of energy usage. One example of a specialist field in this area is lean manufacturing, a concept that began in Japan and is now applied worldwide. The aim is to reduce waste in manufacturing without losing quality or productivity. To start a career in this area, look for lean manufacturing courses online.

There is a strong demand for graduates with engineering degrees, and growth looks set to continue. With a degree in engineering, your employment and career prospects are high. Because there is a diverse range of careers in engineering, there is always something to keep you interested and excited in your chosen profession. For example, you might find yourself working in different locations, and places such as laboratories, offices, or outside. The skills that unite most careers in engineering are problem-solving and research, as well as skills in science and mathematics. If providing technical solutions to a range of problems sounds appealing to you, then an engineering career is something you’ll find rewarding.

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