Grow Financial embraces augmented reality

Grow Financial Augmented Reality Marketing

Grow Financial Augmented Reality Marketing

Grow Financial launches augmented reality system in new Florida branch

In late September, Grow Financial, a leading federal credit union, opened its 19th branch in Tampa, Florida. Since then, the branch has been grabbing attention for its use of augmented reality, which is used in one of the credit union’s services. The credit union had been looking for a way to bring new technology into its operations, citing demand from consumers. Teaming with design firm Inwindow Outdoor, Grow Financial was able to make this endeavor a reality.

System provides information concerning company’s services

The augmented reality system is a virtual money machine, similar to a traditional ATM. The system is comprised of a six-screen videowall, which is also equipped with a number of motion sensors. The screens are all touch sensitive, removing the need for buttons. Grow Financial notes that the system’s primary goal is to provide consumers with information concerning the credit union’s services. Those using the system have an opportunity to win cash that will be put toward the opening of a new account or used as credit for a loan.

Augmented reality proving popular amongst consumers

Augmented reality has made a name for itself in the realms of marketing and entertainment. The technology has proven effective in engaging tech-savvy consumers and providing them with experiences they enjoy and find useful. Financial institutions are beginning to see the merits of augmented reality and some have begun adopting the technology as a way to provide consumers with the information they may need concerning various forms of financial service. Grow Financial is one of the latest organizations to make use of augmented reality in this way.

Grow Financial may have future plans for the technology

Grow Financial plans to make more use of augmented reality in the future. Currently, the Tampa, Florida, branch is the only one in the Grow Financial network that is equipped with an augmented reality system. This system may find its way to other branches depending on the response it receives from consumers in the coming months.

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