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The number of transactions occurring over smartphones and tablets is on the rise.

Mobile is more important now than ever before for Groupon, the daily deals giant, as consumers use their smartphones and other devices to view and buy into the deals.

The company reported that its April results showed that mobile devices represented almost 30 percent of all of its transactions in North America. This was an increase of 5 percent over the data from the end of last year.

Andrew Mason, the CEO of Groupon, wrote about the strong role of mobile in a statement to shareholders.

Mason also stated that the company had made over 170 sales of Groupon offers, and that these purchases were made by over 33 million customers by the close of last year.

According to emerging technologies analyst, Dave Kaminsky, from Mercator Advisory Group in Maynard, Maine, who spoke on the subject, “While Groupon Now!’s location based scheme is attractive to consumers in itself, the biggest reason consumers are using their mobile devices to purchase Groupons is that these consumers are using their mobile device for other tasks as well – both purchases and otherwise.”


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He added that today’s consumers are using their smartphones to perform internet searches, check their emails, record their schedules, and – on a growing basis – buy products and services. He believes that as the mobile commerce trend continues to grow, so will the use of Groupon through those devices.

As the penetration of mobile devices continues to rise, online businesses are seeking new ways to use this new channel to attract their customers and are attempting to figure out how to monetize the visitors to their newly optimized websites and apps.

So far, efforts to monetize have been a struggle for Pandora, Facebook, and other content-based services.

Equally, though, the current Groupon statistics are showing that companies that have already established a commerce element online are finding monetization easier as consumers who used the traditional web move their use with the same companies over to their mobile devices. Similar results have also been reported by eBay, which is seeing consistent growth in its purchases over mobile devices.


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