Groupon positioned to become a leader in mobile commerce

Groupon Mobile Commerce

Groupon sees promise in mobile commerce sector

Acclaimed daily deals pioneer Groupon believes that it is in an ideal position to become a leader in the mobile commerce sector. The company has announced that nearly 50% of its revenue comes from purchases made from mobile devices. According to CEO Eric Lefkofsky, Groupon is quickly adapting to a world where consumers are more comfortable with spending copious amounts of money through their mobile devices. Groupon has been working to accommodate these consumers more aggressively over the past few years.

Groupon app proves successful worldwide

More than 50 million people have downloaded the Goupon mobile application throughout the world, with 7.5 million people downloading the application in the second quarter of 2013 alone. The application has garnered acclaim among consumers because it allows them to browse deals more efficiently. Consumers also seem to favor the ability to make purchases directly from the mobile device. While Groupon has seen significant success with its mobile application, the company notes that it has yet to see consumers interact with its services on a daily-basis and in real-time.


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Groupon Mobile Commerce Better location-based services could lead to success

According to Groupon, mobile consumers are more active than their non-mobile counterparts. In order to establish dominance in the mobile commerce scene, however, the company believes it needs to provide better local services to consumers. This is to be accomplished through the use of location-based initiatives that are meant to provide consumers with deals that are associated with their geographic location and interests.

Strong competition may be a problem for Groupon

While Groupon has managed to establish a strong presence in mobile commerce, the company is faced with a significant amount of competition within this sector. Retailers have become strong supporters of mobile commerce and have begun adapting to the interests of consumers with mobile devices. Companies like Amazon and eBay currently boast of a commanding presence within the mobile commerce sector and it may be difficult for others to compete with the influence that these two companies have.

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