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Google is working with Ingenico on a way to start making use of their NFC enabled Smartphone’s. The service would send a redeemable coupon to the customer’s Smartphone while they’re shopping in the store. The coupon would then be redeemed on checkout and subtracted from the total purchase.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been in the works to be made a method of payment for Smartphone users. Several of the new Smartphone’s that have come out, or are coming out, are enabled with NFC technology.

NFC works by radio frequency signals. A merchant may place posters or signs in areas of their store, that have the NFC “tags” or chips embedded in them. When the consumer gets within a certain range, the merchant’s tag is able to communicate with the tag that’s in your Smartphone.

The distance the consumer needs to be for communication to happen is usually within twelve inches of the other tagged object. This technology will let the merchant send coupons or special deals to the customer’s device that they can redeem when they pay for their purchase in the store.

Several companies are working on making this a method of payment for NFC enabled (mobile) devices, but Google is focusing on advertising and mobile coupons for right now. They all ready have the system set up in New York and San Francisco, and trial tests are underway.

Ingenico is a worldwide company that provides the technology involved in secure electronic transactions at point of sale stations. The company is headquartered in France and has been in business for about thirty years.

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