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American Express has yet to commit itself to any agreements.

As of August 1, 2012, Google Wallet had already announced that it has solidified an agreement with American Express, but it may not have been entirely truthful.

Nothing is official quite yet between Amex and the mobile payment program.

In the Google Wallet blog, on the first of the month, it was suggested that there was a relationship between itself and American Express that was much more solid than the actual truth. It indicated that its app “supports all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover,” but Amex has now revealed that it has yet to sign any agreement to this regard.

The truth is that Google Wallet does not yet have the approval of the credit card giant.

Instead, participation is still being considered. Amex indicated that they are looking into the opportunity and that they want to make certain that the Google Wallet product is capable of meeting the high standards that they have set for their cardholders in terms of clarity and transparency with regards to the details of a transaction. At the moment, however, they have yet to enter into an agreement because this research has not yet been completed.


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That said, American Express did not fail to add that they continue their interest in the technology and the product and they are continuing discussions with Google Wallets in order to learn more about the opportunity that has been presented in order to work together.

Google Wallet was initially launched with the ability to use a prepaid card from that company, or a Citi MasterCard. The prepaid card could be funded with a large number of other types of credit card, including Amex. However, the mistake that Google made was to announce that the program would now allow consumers to “use any card” when they were shopping online or in brick and mortar stores. This was not the case at the time, and it has not yet been decided as of yet.

It is not yet known what decision will be made and whether or not the credit card will sign with Google Wallet.

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