Google ups production on augmented reality glasses

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Augmented reality glasses gain momentum

Google has been working to generate hype around its augmented reality glasses, called Glass, for some time. The company has high hopes for the product, believing that it will become a powerful social media tool and help people see the world in a new way with the help of augmented reality technology. Despite some initial uncertainty regarding the features of Glass, the augmented reality glasses have managed to win a great deal of interest among a wide range of people.

Production for Glass is on the rise

Google is preparing to launch Glass at some point in 2014, but the company has begun increasing the manufacture of its augmented reality glasses recently. In the coming months, production of Glass is expected to rise significantly, but exact production numbers are not yet available. Rumors suggest that Google is increasing production of Glass in order to launch the product during the 2013 holiday season, but Google has not yet set a release date for Glass, claiming that the augmented reality device will be available no earlier than 2014.

Google glass augmented reality glasses10,000 units are currently being used

Some 10,000 Glass units are currently in circulation among technology developers, celebrities, and those that have won one of Google’s contests. These devices are considered Glass prototypes and are meant to provide their users with a basic understanding of the device’s capabilities. These units are helping developers create applications for Glass that leverage the device’s augmented reality technology and other features.

Google continues to make updates to Glass platform

Google has been making changes to the Glass platform based on the feedback it has received from users of its prototype models. Existing users will be able to trade in their current pair of glasses for newer models when they become available, but a full launch is not expected to take place within the coming months. Google is currently working to placate concerns that some people have regarding privacy and how it may be compromised through the use of Glass.

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