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Google mobile commerceGoogle has not given up on mobile commerce

Google has shown a strong interest in the realm of mobile commerce, but the company has yet to find significant traction in this sector with its various services. Mobile commerce has become very popular with consumers as it exemplifies a more convenient way to shop and purchase products. Google launched its own mobile commerce platforms some time ago, called the Google Wallet, which aimed to be the most popular platform for mobile consumers. This was not the case, however, and the Wallet received harsh criticism from many. Now, Google is looking to break new ground in the mobile commerce sector by taking a somewhat unconventional approach to the matter of online money.

NFC technology proves problematic for Wallet platform

Part of the criticism surrounding the Google Wallet involved the platform’s strong focus on NFC technology. NFC has long been a staple in mobile commerce as it is often used to power mobile payments. The fact that the Wallet was based on NFC technology meant that it could only be used by mobile devices that were equipped with that technology. This made the Wallet exclusive to a very small market. Google has since been moving away from NFC technology in order to focus on making itself more accommodating in the field of mobile commerce.

Consumers to send money via email

Google has announced a new service associated with the Wallet platform that will allow users to send money online through email. This new service is being integrated into the company’s popular email platform, Gmail. Users will be able to attach money to their emails in the same way they attach photos and other digital content. Transactions of this nature will be limited to $10,000 and Google will take a 2.9% cut of all the funds sent in this manner.

New service may make it easier to transfer money online

This is a somewhat unconventional approach to the matter of mobile commerce, but it may help Google find the traction it has been seeking in this field for some time. Google claims that its new service would make sending money online easier, as it would not require that consumers sign up for a particular service.

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