Gen Z prefers TikTok and Instagram to Google Search

Google Search via mobile phone

The tech giant is starting to feel the pinch of the generation’s trend toward social media searching.

Google Search internal data has found that about 40 percent of Gen Z is using social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for searching.

Gen Z is more likely to head to a social media platform than a search engine to answer a question.

A recent report published by Insider stated that Google is now feeling the pain from this growing Gen Z trend of using TikTok and Instagram for searching instead of the Google search engine. For instance, when 2 in 5 people in Gen Z want to find a place for dinner, they’re not going to use Search or even Maps. They’re headed to TikTok or Instagram to find what they need. This information was obtained through the search engine’s own internal research, including a US internet user survey of people ages 18 through 24 years old.

Google Search - TikTok Mobile

According to the survey results, the primary reason younger people are looking for what they want through social media instead of more traditional online channels is that they prefer “visually” rich searching experiences. As a result, the tech giant is now reportedly looking into new strategies to help keep younger searchers more engaged, possibly through more visually rich experiences. It has already been developing more visual content, some of which has been recently launched.

Google search engine has already implemented a multisearch option to use image and text for searching.

To use multisearch, a user just has to upload a screenshot to the platform. From there, the tech will find visually similar options.

“For example, say you see a colorful dish online you’d like to try — but you don’t know what’s in it, or what it’s called. When you use multisearch to find it near you, Google scans millions of images and reviews posted on web pages, and from our community of Maps contributors, to find results about nearby spots that offer the dish so you can go enjoy it yourself,” explained a statement from the company.

Another feature Google Search has in development includes “scene exploration”. It will allow a user to aim a camera at objects around them and the results will provide insights on what is shown.

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