Google reaches out to companies to get involved in augmented reality

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Google augmented reality glassesCompanies may soon be able to get their hands on augmented reality glasses

Google may begin feeling the pressure as more companies enter into the world of augmented reality with their own pair of high-tech eyewear. Google Glass has managed to attract attention from consumers due to its augmented reality capabilities, but whether this interest will actually translate into sales has yet to be seen. Indeed, consumers may not be inclined to purchase a pair of Google Glass for a wide variety of reasons, which is why Google is not focusing its product solely on consumers.

Businesses may be the best customer for Google Glass

Google has announced that it is tailoring its augmented reality glasses to be more attractive to businesses and not just consumers. The technology company has issued a call to companies to join in the testing of Glass as part of Google’s Explorer Program. The program is designed to make a limited number of Glass eyewear available for a very small number of consumers or businesses. This is meant to give these parties a chance to experience Glass and determine whether it is worthy of investment or other kinds of support. Beyond the Explorer Program, Google is working to connect with businesses in ways that could influence the future of Glass.

Wearable augmented reality systems could be useful in some industries

Some types of businesses could have use of wearable augmented reality systems. Augmented reality has been used by field workers in particular industries as a way to access information and stay connected to a company’s infrastructure. Google notes that it has received several applications from companies that are interested in getting their hands on the augmented reality glasses. Google is beginning to reach out to specific companies in order to encourage them to get involved in the venture in the near future.

Not everyone loves augmented reality

While Google Glass has managed to generate a great deal of positive hype, it is not receiving universal support. In Virginia, lawmakers have introduced a bill that bans people from using Google Glass while driving, claiming that the product’s augmented reality capabilities will serve as a dangerous distraction. Google claims that augmented reality can, in fact, make driving safer and the company has announced that it will take steps to ensure that Glass cannot be abused while a person is operating a vehicle.

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