Google and PayPal launch new joint mobile shopping strategy using fingerprints

Android PayPal mobile shopping strategy

The two companies have agreed to create a commerce experience combining three major components.

Google and PayPal have entered into a new mobile shopping strategy bringing together the Chrome browser, Android Pay and PayPal. The concept behind this integration involves using a consumer’s fingerprint through a scanner on the smartphone.

This integration represents a very powerful partnership within the m-commerce space.

The companies aim to create a mobile shopping experience in which consumers will use their fingerprints for a highly customized and more seamless experience. At first launch the experience offered by the tech giants is available to shoppers in the United States. It lets those consumers use PayPal as one of the mobile payment methods available through their Android Pay wallets. This makes it possible for PayPal payments to be made through that wallet app regardless of whether the shopper is buying online or in-store.

This mobile shopping strategy has potential for both of the companies and their services.

Android PayPal mobile shopping strategyOver 53 million people worldwide have already opted into the PayPal One Touch service. That digital payment service is accepted by over 5 million merchant websites globally. Google vice president of payments, Pali Bhat said “Mobile checkout remains one of the biggest sources of friction in the commerce experience, and we’re excited to collaborate with PayPal on enabling streamlined checkout experiences for all Android Pay and PayPal users.”

PayPal has been working on a number of different strategic partnerships over the last year or so. It has already aligned with many other powerful players including Google as well as Facebook in addition to both Visa and MasterCard.

PayPal CEO Bill Ready said in an interview that his company’s new component within Android Pay is actually an addition of a two-part mobile shopping strategy. The first is that Android Pay was integrated into Google’s Chrome browser and is paired in a “tight coupling” with PayPal. The second is that when Android mobile device users add their PayPal accounts to their Android Pay wallets, it will make it possible for Android Pay customers to use those wallet apps to make purchases at PayPal merchant sites.

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