Google may be working on a new mobile payments system

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Plaso could be Google’s next foray into mobile commerce

Google may be in the process of testing a new mobile payments system that it has codenamed “Plaso.” Rumors suggest that the company is currently testing this new service internally, working with partners that may include Papa John’s and Panera Bread. The new mobile payments system may be a potential replacement of Google Wallet, which has struggled to find mainstream acceptance among consumers despite the growing popularity of mobile commerce.

Plaso is designed to be contextually aware

The new payment system is designed to be contextually aware, which means that it will be able to interface with other systems to assist in purchases. Plaso is expected to have an accompanying application for consumers and one for retailers. When the app is used during checkout, a cashier will use their Plaso-enabled device to complete the purchase. The cashier will ask for the customer’s initials, which will be included in a list of initials that are being provided by other devices that are equipped with the Plaso app that are in proximity to the cashier.

Payments made through Plaso could be processed by Google

Google mobile payments advertisingHow Plaso will be processing mobile payments is not yet known. Rumors suggest that retailers will need nothing more than a smartphone in order to accept mobile payments, with Google handling the processing of payments being made. As such, Plaso may exist as a sort of “middleware,” bridging the gap between retailers and Google. Definitive information concerning the way Plaso works and how payments are processed is not available, however, so rumors and speculation abound.

Plaso could be Google’s attempt to compete with other companies in the mobile commerce field

There is no way to tell for certain if Plaso will actually be a replacement for Google Wallet. The Wallet had found some support among consumers during its initial launch, but security issues and its reliance on NFC technology had made the platform relatively unpopular. Google may be looking for new ways to compete with other companies involved in mobile payments. As such, speculation concerning the company’s potential new payment services have begun to emerge.

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