Google is looking into browser texting options

google browser texting

A new APK teardown also reveals features for “smart reply” as well as mobile payments options.

Google could soon be adding a new browser texting feature in an upcoming potential overhaul of its Android Messages app. This would be one of several large new possible features when based on an APK teardown done by Android Police as well as XDA Developers.

The texting feature would make it possible for a phone and computer to be paired to send texts from either.

The browser texting wouldn’t just be possible from a smartphone, but would be available through a computer paired with that device. That would mean that texts could be sent directly through Firefox, Chrome or Safari, comparable to the way Google’s Allo messaging app works.

That said, this new option, which would occur through Android Messages according to the reports so far, would make it possible to send SMS based mobile messages instead of web messages. This could make it much easier for people who are already on their computers a great deal to send messages as they can use their physical keyboards instead of having to rely on the touchscreen keyboards on their phones.

In order to use the browser texting on a computer, a QR code will need to be scanned to pair the devices.

google browser textingThe user needs to pair devices for each texting session through the use of a QR code scan. It appears as though the feature has already been partially implemented within the most recent Android Messages 2.9 APK. However, it’s not yet possible send an actual text by way of the feature as it currently stands.

The APK has also dropped hints regarding a number of additional potential features. For instance, it looks as though Google Pay may be receiving some updates to make sending and receiving mobile payments available to both smartphone and paired computer users. This has the potential to make the mobile payments service much more appealing and convenient to a far broader audience.

In addition, there are indications that something referred to as “Google Enhanced Messaging” will be on its way. Speculations are that it will be somewhat comparable to Smart Replies for Allo, Gmail and Inbox, when it comes to Android Messages. In this way, it looks like the browser texting is only the beginning.

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