Google local library search results now result from ebook queries

ebook reader Google local library search

The tech giant is making it easier for mobile device users to locate digital copies at nearby libraries.

A new Google local library search feature is making it simpler for readers to locate digital copies of the books they want and that can be found nearby. The tech giant announced this week that it has added the new feature and that it will show up in book title results.

Searching for books on Google already displays a special book listing separate from the query results.

Within the book’s description, a new Google local library search result feature will be displayed if it is available nearby. This feature becomes visible when the title is available in ebook form. The various local libraries that have the title available as an ebook are presented as a part of the “Knowledge Graph” cards from the search engine.

That card is already a part of the search engine’s results, typically appearing either directly above or to the right of the standard query results. Other information offered in the card includes a brief description of the book, the name of the author(s), the Goodreads Rating, its original publication date and its Google Books link.

The Google local library search results will include a list of the various nearby borrowing locations.

ebook reader Google local library searchThis option can be found within a “borrow ebook” section. Of the book information card. The search engine giant first introduced the feature this week. It included a display of these types of result in a Tweet on its official account. The screenshot featured a mobile search for an ebook version of a top children’s book title called “Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics.”

The tweet on @Google stated “Calling all U.S. bookworms! Now you can take a look at what e-books are available to borrow at your local library, right in Search.”

The new feature is available to both desktop and mobile search users who conduct a query on Google Search in the United States. The new feature will help to make things easier for readers who struggle to find the titles they want in various lists of digital collections at library websites within their vicinities. Now, instead of having to shift through several pages to seek a title on library sites, the Google local library search feature can be used instead.

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