Google Glass is being tested by GM

Google Glass augmented reality games and phone technology
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The automaker will be testing out the augmented reality glasses in an exploration of possible uses.

General Motors Co. is now conducting a number of tests to look into the potential uses for Google Glass at two of its auto making facilities that are located in Michigan.

The company has looked into trying out the wearable technology in a series of different kinds of operations.

According to the North America manufacturing president of GM, Cathy Clegg, the employees at the Warren Technical Center and the Orion Assembly have been trying out Google Glass to see how it can work for a number of different purposes. The head mounted, hands free smart devices have a great deal of potential, but the automaker is hoping to find out specifically what it can do for its own operations.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any specific goal for Google Glass in mind at GM.

Google Glass augmented reality glasses and phone technologyClegg stated that “We’re really just experimenting trying to find different uses for it,” when she spoke to the media after her speech at the Center for Automotive Research Management’s 39th annual Briefing Seminars. She added that “There are a lot of ideas.” She explained that when it comes to the uses that have already been identified for the augmented reality headset, two that appear to have the most practical uses have had to do with procedural instructions in the area of training and development, as well as in quality inspection.

At the moment, GM is trying out three of these wearable technology devices. Workers at the two locations started out their experimentations with the gadgets at the end of 2013, when the tech was brought up during discussions that were occurring at an innovation team meeting.

Depending on the level of success achieved by the use of the Google Glass wearable tech devices at these first two facilities, Clegg said that it is possible that the technology could be used much more broadly by the company and may expand into other locations, as well. She explained that “We’re talking about innovation throughout our culture, from top to bottom.”

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