Google Glass returns with an eye on the workplace environment

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

After disappearing from the public eye for 2 years, the augmented reality glasses are back again.

Two years ago, Google Glass essentially disappeared and many people guessed that the augmented reality glasses were done. Despite the fact that Google insisted that they weren’t finished with the internet connected eyewear, doubters were in the majority.

The new version of the AR glasses is designed for the workplace to assist people to better do their jobs.

There are already over 50 companies using the Google Glass Enterprise Edition as a part of a limited program. This, according to Jay Kothari, project lead, in a blog post. Among the participating companies identified were Volkswagen, General Electric and Boeing.

The original Explorer program for developers launched 3 years ago. Soon, this also allowed other early adopters of the augmented reality technology to test the glasses for themselves, too. This allowed Google (who had $1,500 that they were willing to drop on the gadgets) to observe possible business uses for the tech. That all came to a grinding halt back in 2015. Suddenly many of the support opportunities were withdrawn and the department in which Glass was being developed and studied was shuffled into other parts of Google.

It appears that the company has continued its study and development of Google Glass as it has reappeared.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition“Workers in many fields, like manufacturing, logistics, field services and health care find it useful to consult a wearable device for information and other resources while their hands are busy,” said Kothari.

The Glass team has now returned to the X lab’s unit for innovative new tech at Alphabet, Google’s parent. Alphabet has been using the time since it closed down the original Explorer project to further customize the augmented reality glasses with workers in mind.

Kothari also said the feedback from the participating businesses has encouraged the company to widen the availability of Glass Enterprise Edition to a larger number of participants.

Upon the conclusion of the original Google Glass Explorer program restructuring within the corporation sent the division which also contained other highly innovative technologies such as self-driving cars to Alphabet.

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