Google Glass has been adopted by staff members of the Edinburgh Airport

Mobile technology google glass

As wearable technology rapidly becomes more popular, these types of devices are turning up in all new places.

It has become quite commonplace for passengers travelling through the Edinburgh Airport – or virtually any other airport, for that matter – to see staff members from customer service to security equipped with walkie talkies and cell phones, but Google Glass has now become the next step in technology that is being carried around, or worn, by these employees.

It won’t be long before staffers will be wearing these augmented reality glasses to help improve their productivity.

The Google Glass wearable technology devices are going to be a part of a trial being conducted within the Scottish airport in an effort to ensure that better information and assistance can be provided to travelers. These augmented reality glasses are going to be provided to customer support representatives, who will then be able to use the devices to obtain quick and easy access to flight details and to answer questions by way of this Android powered device that is worn like a headset.

Representatives at the airport explained that Google Glass suits their efforts to continually improve.

Mobile technology google glassAccording to the chief executive at the Edinburgh Airport, Gordon Dewar, “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the airport experience for our passengers and Google Glass trial is a great example of how we’re thinking out the box.” At the moment, the use of the wearable technology is simply a part of a trial that will expire with the end of the year. However, if the device proves to be a useful one, it may be rolled out among the employees for permanent use.


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Dewar also stated that “The fact it’s the first trial of its kind in a UK airport is exciting, as it shows we are leading the way in how we interact with our passengers. Over the next few months we’ll be able to establish whether this product is suitable for an airport environment.”

This technology news regarding the use of Google Glass by the airport has arrived at the same time that Juniper Research has pointed out that they have predicted that shipments in the wearable technology sector are expected to see a quadrupling over the next three years.

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