Google Calendar adds new working location update

Google Calendar Update

As one of the search giant’s most popular apps for work, this particular option has been missing this feature.

Google Calendar is easily one of the most popular apps it has for people to use for work, and it has recently received an update of a helpful feature many people have long waited for.

The application helps people to keep track of their scheduled meetings in addition to workflow in general.

Though it was already popular several years ago, when the pandemic sent many people home to work, Google Calendar became even more essential to keeping track of a person’s workday. It provided the tools people needed to maintain the same level of productivity when working remotely or in a hybrid situation as they had enjoyed when working in-person.

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Since 2021, the application has included an option that lets users include information about the location of their work. However, a recent update has made it possible for users to improve the way they express where they will be working.

The most recent  update or Google Calendar has brought in a feature that includes a working locations functionality enhancement. It lets users set their locations to indicate where they will be working for various portions of the day. Until this update, it was only possible to highlight a day or more to indicate where the user would be working. Now, it is broken down into periods of the day, which is very helpful for people who work in more than one place on any given day.

Google Calendar now makes it possible for people working locations to reflect their availability in the app.

Users can set whichever physical location they want, even if that changes throughout the day. This is important for the growing number of people who are working hybrid jobs. While it was common for people to work remotely nearly exclusively throughout the worst of the pandemic, transitioning into a hybrid work environment is increasingly common nowadays. People still work from home but may need to make appearances at various other locations in various combinations of hours.

Hybrid work experiences have become highly popular and is rising in popularity. The Google Calendar app is finally catching up to allow schedules to reflect that. For users in the rapid release program, the feature is already available. For everyone else, it is rolling out over several days.

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