Google to begin pushing its mobile payments service

Google Wallet Mobile Payments

Google aims to compete with Apple in the mobile commerce market

Google is gearing up to compete with Apple in the mobile payments space. Apple’s new digital commerce platform, called Apple Pay, was recently launched and it has already had a major impact in the mobile world. For its launch, Apple Pay acquired a wealth of retail and financial partners, all of whom had shown strong interest in engaging mobile consumers. These partners have helped expand the availability of Apple Pay, but Google wants consumers to know that Apple is not the only company involved in the mobile commerce space.

Google Wallet has changed significantly over the past few years

Google is reportedly preparing to ramp up its advertisements of Google Wallet, its own mobile payments platform. Wallet has found modest success over the past few years. The platform was originally launched in 2011 and has evolved significantly since then. In the early days of its launch, Wallet experienced serious security issues that made it somewhat unpopular among consumers. Wallet had also been heavily reliant on NFC technology, but this is no longer the case.

Google ad campaigns will focus on promoting the Wallet platform

Google Wallet Mobile PaymentsOver the next few months, ad campaigns coming from Google will focus on the Wallet platform. Raising awareness about the platform and its benefits may not be difficult, but convincing consumers to actually use the platform may be another matter entirely. Consumers have yet to show any strong support for a single mobile payment service, including Apple Pay. Instead, people tend to jump from one service to the next in order to find what works best for them at any particular moment.

Competition in the mobile commerce field continues to grow as more companies and services enter into the market

Mobile commerce is a growing business and competition therein is heating up. The market is currently awash with a vast assortment of mobile services that promise to offer consumers something new and different. Most of these services fail to deliver, however, as there are only a few ways that a payment service can actually facilitate a transaction.

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