Global Consumer Survey shows mobile commerce is taking off

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Global Mobile Commerce Survey 2011
The MEF Global Consumer Survey has shown that cellular phone users around the world are accepting mobile commerce and mobile content.

North America has a moderate position in the world of global purchasing, as 38 percent of the study’s participants from this area claimed to have paid for purchases within the last half year using their mobile network operator.

Also determined by the survey, was that 41 percent of consumers are using the mobile web, 11 percent use retailer mobile storefronts, and 9 percent use social media pages as purchase points. It is expected that these numbers will only continue to rise, especially if certain concerns are properly addressed; primarily security.

Twenty six percent of the study’s participants listed security trust issues as a reason that they hesitate or fail to make purchase as frequently using their mobile device.


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Though there are a large number of users of mobile commerce in the United States, the usage is actually well behind many other countries. In the UK, 91 percent of the survey’s participants said that they had used their mobile device in order to make a purchase or to research one.

Similarly, the figure for Brazil was at 79 percent. Throughout all of the markets surveyed, there wasn’t a percentage lower than 72 percent. There were nine countries included in the Global Consumer Survey, which included nations across five continents. There were 8,530 participants in the survey, representing countries from both developing and developed markets.

The results of this survey clearly show that consumers worldwide are accepting mobile as a primary tool for their shopping needs.

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