Gift services could be the key to success in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Trends

Mobile Commerce Trends

The fight for mobile commerce dominance continues

As mobile commerce continues to gain momentum amongst consumers, the fight for dominance in the emerging industry is becoming more heated. Mobile commerce is powered by NFC technology. This technology makes it possible for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to send and receive information wirelessly. Typically, these devices must been in close proximity to NFC signals in order for this transmission to be successful. This makes NFC ideal for mobile commerce because it is able to transform mobile devices into payment platforms, which can be very useful at point-of-sale.

Google Wallet struggling to compete with ISIS

It has been nearly one year since Google launched its mobile wallet application, aptly named Google Wallet. The technology company has invested a great deal of time and money in establishing itself as a leader in the industry of mobile commerce. Google Wallet has been faced with setbacks recently due to the application’s security issues. The company has also met staunch opposition from the ISIS platform, a mobile payment system developed as a joint-venture from Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. Late last year, ISIS was able to acquire the support of most of the world’s major financial institutions, making it a strong contender for mobile commerce superiority.


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Wrapp may be a way for Google to catch up with competitors

Google is attempting to catch up with ISIS and may have found a way to do so. The company has targeted gift-giving services as an ideal way to win over mobile consumers. Recently, Google has taken a keen interest in Wrapp, a gift card company based in Sweden. Wrapp is unlike other gift card companies because it offers electronic services and delivery. The company also offers daily deals, which have become quite popular amongst consumers. Wrapp could help Google find the favor it needs amongst consumers.

Security concerns still a problem with mobile commerce

Gift giving services may help companies unlock the key to widespread adoption of mobile commerce. Many consumers are still divided on the issue because of concerns regarding the security of their financial information. Companies investing in NFC technology and mobile commerce are working to placate these fears, but progress on this front has been sluggish.

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