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QR Code TechnologyIf you were around central London this week, you may have come across a  giant, walking, talking QR Code around the capital’s most famous tourist  attractions.

The code caused quite a stir with members of the public and  helped to spread awareness of QR technology.

The QR Code, which was promoting the world’s first QR Code exhibition  taking place in London later this year, caught the attention of on lookers  at Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and even travelled on the city’s busy underground network, gathering crowds throughout its journey.

The QR World Expo, which will take place at the prestigious Royal  Horticultural Halls on the 24th October 2012, is the first QR Code focused  exhibition and conference bringing together industry experts from all around the world.


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The highly anticipated event will play host to a wide range of specialist  companies, speakers and exhibitors providing an insight into everything QR  Code related. QR World Expo is the perfect opportunity for industry  experts, developers, agencies, marketers and brands to join together in central London and embrace the power and potential of QR Codes.

To find out more about the exhibition, register your interest today at

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