Giant Eagle Mobile Shopping Improves Checkout Convenience for Shoppers

Giant Eagle Mobile Shopping - Giant Eagle Store in Pennsylvania
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Scan Pay & Go Service is launched by Giant Eagle Inc.

A new Giant Eagle mobile shopping experience has been launched by the Pittsburgh-based supermarket chain. Now, mobile consumers, who like to use their phones for shopping can enjoy faster and more convenient checkouts at the store with Scan Pay & Go.

Customers can scan groceries as they shop.

The Giant Eagle mobile shopping system gives customers of the supermarket the ability to scan groceries as they shop. Groceries can be scanned with their smartphone using the Giant Eagle Scan Pay & Go app, or with a store-provided device.

By scanning their groceries as they go, customers can keep track of precisely how much they are spending during their shopping experience. What’s more, using the Scan Pay & Go service allows them to take advantage of an accelerated checkout.

The Giant Eagle mobile shopping app breaks away from the traditional supermarket shopping experience.

“The notion of the ‘traditional’ customer shopping experience no longer exists,” stated Dan Donovan, a spokesperson for Giant Eagle, as quoted in a Supermarket News report.

Donovan added that retailers face the challenge of having to provide solutions for all the ways customers want to interact with a retailer’s brands.

“The Giant Eagle Scan Pay & Go app has quickly become a popular option for those interested in using technology to take an added level of control in their shopping experience,” he said.

The mobile shopping experience has been designed to be very simple and straightforward. Customer start off by scanning their Giant Eagle Advantage Card, take grocery bags and begin scanning barcodes of the items they want to buy and bagging these items as they go. If an item must be weighed, customers enter the PLU number at electronic stations provided throughout the store.

Once they are done shopping, they scan a barcode on the screen at a dedicated Scan Pay & Go checkout land or any other register. Their full order will be loaded and ready for payment. The register takes customers through the payment process steps exactly as it would with traditionally shopped orders and all forms of tender are accepted.

Also, consumers can still take advantage of redeeming paper coupons and the app is linked to the customer’s Advantage Card, allowing them to take advantage of weekly sales, fuelperks! Rewards and eCoupons.

Giant Eagle Mobile Shopping - Giant Eagle Store in PennsylvaniaAccording to Giant Eagle, it is the first major supermarket retailer in Pittsburgh to offer a mobile, in-store experience that allows customers to tally their groceries as they shop. So far, the Giant Eagle mobile shopping app has been rolled out in three stores in Pennsylvania.

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