Gemalto to participate in 1 Semester Startup program from University of Texas



Company aims to provide hands-on experience with NFC technology

Gemalto, a leading provider of digital security services, has announced that it will be participating in the University of Texas’ 1 Semester Startup (1SS) program this year. The program aims to give students practical experience with creating their own startup company, pitting teams of students against one another to receive top honors. Ten teams are accepted into the program each semester and Gemalto believes that the latest inductees need to get hands-on experience with something that is beginning to have a serious impact on the technology world: NFC.

Gemalto backs Lynxin 1SS team

Gemalto will be providing one 1SS team with NFC tags and software development suites in order to help the team develop a platform for its startup project. The project that Gemalto has chosen to support this semester is called Lynxin, a platform that aims to connect consumers with corporations through the use of promotions using NFC technology. The NFC tags are to play a vital role in this endeavor as they are capable of facilitating high levels of interactivity between consumers and businesses.

NFC proving to be popular in multiple industries

NFC technology has proven itself to be a powerful mobile marketing tool. NFC tags, in particular, are popular in numerous industries that are interested in connecting with mobile consumers. The tags can be linked to a wide range of digital content, which can be unlocked through the use of a mobile device. Though NFC technology is popular, a large number of consumers have been unable to participate in marketing campaigns or services that make use of the technology due to the low availability of NFC-enabled devices.

NFC technology may play a larger role in the future of business

Gemalto believes that NFC technology will play a large role in the futures of multiple industries. The technology has already proven popular with financial, technology, entertainment, and marketing companies. I

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