Gaming advertisment linked to unique content is a Win, Win!!

Advertising to Gamers is a Win, Win!!

Marketers are always on the lookout for new mediums through which to reach consumers. The gaming community has long been a target for advertisers hoping to take advantage of an inherently interactive environment. Advertisements in games have generally gone unnoticed, usually written off as part of the backgrounds. Marketers are now aiming to make these advertisements more interactive by using QR codes.

Lynx, known as AXE in the U.S., is the first British company to launch and in-game marketing campaign that will be targeting the gaming community. The codes will mainly be featured in titles from the sports genre. The campaign will be focused on promoting the new Excite products.

Gamers will be able to scan the codes with their smart phones and will be granted exclusive access to online content that includes videos and discounts. Gamers will also be able to download themes and pictures from the mobile site set up for the campaign. Other features of the campaign will be available to all through the company’s Facebook page.

Lynx has begun using augmented reality as a way to enhance their campaign as well. The company set up a special place mat in the London Underground. When passersby stood on the mat, they will appear on a screen and will be accompanied by the campaign’s mascot: An angel.

The company hopes to continue using QR codes in their upcoming campaigns and is excited to take advantage of the interactivity the codes offer.

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