Gamers to use Vita to solve mystery at Tokyo Game Show



Vita to be used as augmented reality detective tool

There will be a mystery afoot at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and the only way to solve it is by using the Playstation Vita. The Vita launched earlier this year and garnered acclaim for its use of augmented reality. Sony has been keen to show off the capabilities of the Vita since its release. The company has plans to showcase its various endeavors in the field of augmented reality at the TGS conference and the Vita will play a significant role in this initiative.

Sony announced interactive game for TGS event

Sony has announced the Tokyo Game Show Detectives: Find the Missing Female Spy game that it will host at the TGS event. The company has developed an application specifically designed for the Vita called Tokyo Game Show Detectives, which can be downloaded for free. The application leverages the augmented reality features of the Vita and allows users to participate in Sony’s game. Those participating in the game are tasked with tracking down a “spy,” who will be hidden amongst several women than will be at Sony’s TGS booth.

Detective work to be rewarded by Sony

Using the Vita app, participants will be able to track down the spy by scanning a variety of clues. These clues will initiate augmented reality experiences that will help direct participants. Those that successfully identify the spy will be awarded with credit in the Playstation Store, where they can buy a multitude of games and other digital content for their Vita or Playstation 3 console.

Augmented reality beginning to gain traction in game industry

Consumers, particularly gamers, have shown a great deal of interest in augmented reality. The technology is able to turn mundane experiences into something much more dynamic and engaging. The game industry is quickly becoming awash with augmented reality experiences, though the majority of these remain in the field of marketing. Sony is one of the first in the game industry to begin integrating the technology into actual games and handheld consoles. The Vita is the company’s first major attempt at making augmented reality a significant part of the gaming experience.

Sony has plans to showcase another augmented reality game for the Vita called “Open Me.” Sony has released a short video hinting at what the game will be about.

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