Samsung plans to make its Galaxy Watch 6 better looking

Galaxy Watch 6 - Samsung Building

The electronics giant is expected to unveil the new and more appealing smartwatch in August.

Samsung is expected to show its Galaxy Watch 6 to the world for the first time in August, and speculation about the device suggests that there will be some notable improvements in the way the smartwatch looks.

The brand is already well known for quality, attractive devices but the company isn’t stopping there.

According to some of the latest Galaxy Watch 6 leaks on sites known for getting it right, the Samsung smartwatch is going to have a number of visual improvements. These will include a larger display as well as slimmer bezels. The leaks indicate that the dial of the smartwatch will have better resolution as its size increases to 1.47 inches.

Galaxy Watch 6 - Image of an earlier model Samsung Galaxy Watch

The company has a history of following trends when it comes to larger screen sizes, as has been made very clear in its line of smartphones. Both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ followed the trends in a similar way to the path the company has been taking with its smartwatches, that is, to make them larger and slimmer.

This suggests that the Galaxy Watch 6 could make moves not unlike those seen in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 7 focused on these same steps, having increased its display size by 20 percent while shrinking its bezels by 40 percent. This made the smartwatch far more visually appealing to wearers. Samsung has clearly been paying attention.

That said, there have been many questions raised about Samsung’s decisions to make these particular style improvements . For instance, some are concerned that with a larger and higher resolution screen, the changes could have a negative impact on the smartwatch’s battery life.

There have yet to be any announcements or leaks made about the battery life of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6, so it isn’t yet known if those speculations are true. Since the company has developed a name for itself both with style and function, it isn’t out of the question that Samsung has managed to design the device in a way that will keep up the battery life wearers have come to expect from previous generations of the smartwatch.

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