Galaxy S III reaches 10 million units sold milestone

GALAXY S III NFC Enabled Phone

GALAXY S III NFC Enabled Phone

Samsung’s new smart phone proves popular amongst consumers

Recently, technology giant Samsung made its entry into the competitive smart phone arena with the release of its Galaxy S III. The smart phone garnered a great deal of attention for its numerous features and its use of NFC technology. As an NFC-enabled mobile device, the Galaxy S III is capable of interacting with NFC terminals and can be used as a mobile payment platform. The Galaxy S III is one of the first smart phones to be equipped with NFC technology, and has already proven to be popular amongst consumers.

More than 10 million units sold around the world

Samsung has announced that more than 10 million units of the Galaxy S III have been sold around the world. This is only two months after the smart phone was released to the commercial market. The smart phone’s predecessor, the Galaxy S II, took nearly half a year to reach the same milestone. Samsung believes that part of the phone’s popularity is due to its NFC-based features.

NFC compatibility cited as contributor to phone’s early success

The smart phone is equipped with six sensors that support a variety of features. One of these features is called Smart Stay, which utilizes the device’s forward facing camera to recognize when the user is reading its display, thus keeping the display bright and legible. The Galaxy S III can also be used to interact with NFC-based services and marketing. Samsung expects that the most common NFC service that consumers will be engaged in is mobile commerce. The phone is equipped to store the financial information of consumers and use this information to make purchases of goods and services.

Galaxy S III Expected to compete with iPhone 5 and others in the near future

Though the Galaxy S III is one of the first NFC-enabled smart phones to be commercially available all over the world, it will soon face competition from both Google and Apple. Both companies are currently working of bringing new NFC-enabled mobile devices into the market. Thus far, Apple’s iPhone 5 has already managed to snag a great deal of support from consumers.

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