Galaxy Gear 2 or iWatch: Which wearable technology will you wear?


The rumors are that Samsung’s mobile devices will cost less, but will they be better than Apple’s?

Although it is clear that wearable technology isn’t going to come cheap, for consumers who are allowing a price comparison to help them to decide whether they will want a Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch or if they will be hanging in there to see what the rumored iWatch will include, it may be the Samsung device that will hold the greater appeal.

It looks as though Samsung is trying to allow price to boost its ability to stand out with its smartwatch.

The market for smartwatches is starting to increase in its competition, so it appears as though Samsung may be trying to differentiate itself from the others in a range of different ways, this time including its price tag. The Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatches will likely be more affordable than the iWatch will be, making the decision just a little bit easier for consumers.

Rumors have it that the iWatch will be priced at $299, so Galaxy Gear 2 could drop below that to compete.

smartwatches Galaxy Gear 2 vs iWatchThat said, when it comes to wearable technology, price isn’t always the deciding factor. It isn’t cheap to begin with, so consumers may be willing to pay just a little bit more if they feel that the device will offer them more attractive features and better performance. If Samsung and Apple both release equally exceptional devices, however, then the price could be a determining consideration.

As is always the case, Apple has placed a tight lid on any information about the mobile development and technology news regarding its upcoming products. However, CEO Tim Cook has given more than one hint about having a smartwatch and potentially other wearable technology in the pipeline.

It appears that Apple has been working on producing its iWatch smartwatch for some time now, and there is no secret behind the love that Tim Cook has for the Nike FuelBand that he wears (after having been on the Board of Directors of that brand since 2005). Some could feel that this suggests that fitness tracking may be an obvious central feature of upcoming wearable technology for Apple, as is likely the case with the Galaxy Gear 2. It shouldn’t be forgotten that as it is something that is worn, looks cannot be ignored, too.

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