FormSprint’s popular Integrated Custom Software platform now supports QR codes in an effort to help streamline business correspondence

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FormSprint, makers of IBM i-based forms and document management software, have adopted QR codes into their services. The company’s management platform will now support QR codes in an effort to help business streamline their operations. QR codes are popular in the world of marketing, but the codes can be used for more than simple advertisements. More businesses are finding the codes useful for their correspondence as they allow companies to distribute information more efficiently.


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Using QR codes properly can be deceptively simple. The codes themselves are easily created for free online, but utilizing them in campaigns or correspondence requires some knowledge of programming. Simple mistakes in using the codes could render them non-functional. FormSprint aims to help companies incorporate QR codes into their correspondence properly. The company has extensive experience with barcode technology, as they have been supporting barcodes for several years.

QR codes can be a viable way to augment administrative procedures and correspondence. The world of business is growing more reliant on mobile technology as a means to expedite activity. As such, simple things like QR codes can be powerful and effective tools. FormSprint believes that adding QR code support to its ICS platform will give businesses a chance to immerse themselves deeper into the world of technology, thus helping them save more time on daily operations.

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