First smartwatch from Huawei unveiled at MWC

huawei smartwatch

The wearable technology will be powered by a Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor with 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.

The Mobile World Congress (MCW) in Barcelona has come with an important announcement from Huawei, which has involved the unveiling of its very first smartwatch and its leap into the world of wearable technology.

This represents the first time that the company has put out this kind of device, and it has raised many eyebrows.

Reports on the new smartwatch have shown that it will feature an AMOLED touchscreen that will be 1.4 inches in size and with a resolution of 286 ppi. It will run on Android Wear as its operating system, adding yet one more wearable technology device to the list that will be based on that Google platform for wearables. The device will be available in black, silver, and gold, once it is ready to be purchased.

This smartwatch will come with a range of different features, including popular health trackers.

Among the health and fitness tracking features that will be a part of this wearable technology device is a heart rate monitor. It will also have a 6-axis motion sensor. In terms of storage, there will be 4GB. It will have about standard power at 512MB of RAM. This will all be powered by a Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor. Since it will be based on Android Wear, it will also be possible to par these smartwatches with any Android phone by way of a Bluetooth LE connection.

According to reports on the unveiling of the device, Huawei intends to begin rolling out its new wearable technology. This will occur throughout 20 countries, at the beginning. This will include the majority of North America, as well as in Europe, and in South America.

At the time of the writing of this article, the actual availability of the smartwatch, as well as the specific date on which it would be released had not yet been announced. Similarly, the company did not take that opportunity to say what the pricing would be for these products, so it isn’t known where it will fall on the cost scale, when compared to its competition.

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