First ever internet-enabled QR code and Smart Tag product line released by Dynotag

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The technology company based in Seattle, Dynotag, Inc., has announced that it has now launched the first of its kind product line of internet-enabled smart labeling QR Code Smart Tag solutions available to small businesses and consumers, which features unlimited storage and a simple to use and friendly web interface.

QR codes have conventionally been used strictly by large organizations and marketing companies, which kept the solution out of reach for consumers. However, with the new offerings from Dynotag, consumers and small businesses now have access to the first free web based labeling capability in addition to a number of dynotag products that come ready to use and can be purchased from the site.

Smart Tags from Dynotag each include a QR code that redirects the user to a unique short web address that can be accessed by any device with web access. Dynotag customers can create their tags by choosing from a number of templates that are already made, or they can upload a file. They can also simply link the tag to a web address, such as a social network page like Facebook or Youtube.


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The information linked to the barcode can be updated online at any time, and its hosting is provided by Dynotag with cloud storage that is both secure and private.

According to the Dynotag founder and CEO, Murat Divringi, said that what makes his company’s service different from what is already available is that its users are able to create an account for free and then make “as many free dynotags they need with that account. Dynotags are kept forever unless their owner deletes them.”

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