Firm launches research initiative focused on NFC technology

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NFC technology the subject of a new research initiative

Global Industry Analysts, a leading market research organization, has announced the launch of an ambitious research initiative focused on the NFC technology market. The organization has tracked the rising demand for NFC-enabled devices and the use of these devices in the mobile commerce space. The organization has also taken note of the alternatives to NFC technology that are emerging in various sectors. The research initiative aims to shed light on the trends that are impacting the NFC market, especially where NFC devices are concerned.

Quick Tap NFC service mobile payments serviceNFC continues to have a place in mobile commerce

NFC technology serves as the foundation for most modern mobile commerce platforms. The technology facilitates mobile payments in a convenient way, making it a suitable tool for most platforms. The problem, however, is that these platforms can only be used by devices that are equipped with NFC technology. NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets are still rare when compared to devices without such technology, making mobile commerce somewhat exclusive. Moreover, consumers have shown relatively little interest in purchasing new devices just to gain access to NFC technology, especially when more mobile commerce firms are finding alternatives to NFC.


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Companies look for alternatives to NFC

Companies like Apple, PayPal, and Amazon are finding ways to support mobile commerce without having to rely on NFC technology. These companies often cite security and efficiency concerns regarding the use of this technology and the safety of consumer financial information. Forsaking NFC technology also means that the mobile commerce initiatives coming from these companies are more accessible to a wider range of consumers. These companies are not alone in their abandonment of NFC, of course, as many retailers and mobile commerce firms have also opted to find alternatives to the technology.

Trends may help shed light on the future of NFC technology

One of the most apparent trends that is affecting the NFC market has to do with transportation. Global Industry Analysts note that NFC-based ticketing initiatives are becoming quite common around the world. Consumers seem to favor these services because of the convenience they offer. Examining this trend may help shed some light on the future of NFC technology and whether or not it will remain the foundation of mobile commerce.

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