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FineLine introduces new line of NFC tags

FineLine, a provider of ticketing and mobile solutions for the retail industry, has announced a new service that will allow its customers to make use of NFC tags. Through this service, companies can order NFC tags online, which they can then affix to their products, allowing consumers access to digital content. FineLine is yet another company that has begun embracing NFC technology, claiming that its capabilities will bring significant benefits to the retailers that make use of NFC tags.

Consumers growing familiar with NFC technology

Consumers around the world are becoming more familiar with NFC technology. This familiarity is largely due to the promotional campaigns coming from companies and organizations invested in mobile commerce. Because of this, many consumers attribute anything that has to do with NFC to mobile commerce. FineLine and other companies that are not in the mobile commerce field believe that consumers should see some diversity in the way that NFC technology is being used. As such, FineLine aims to provide retailers with a way to reach out to these consumers in a new way.

NFC tags provide access to information and content

The NFC tags developed by FineLine can be programmed to direct consumers to a website where they can find information regarding a particular product and the retailer selling that product. The tags can also provide consumers with other types of content, such as short videos, product reviews, and even opportunities to find discounts on products they enjoy. In this way, the NFC tags are very similar to QR codes that are used as part of mobile marketing campaigns, though the tags can only be activated by an NFC-enabled mobile device.

Lack of NFC devices could cause problems for campaign

NFC-based services are becoming more popular and FineLine is not the first to offer these services to the retail industry. While these services are becoming more commonplace, NFC-enabled mobile devices are not, at least not yet. Few consumers currently own an NFC device, meaning that the majority of people will not be able to interact with FineLine’s NFC tags. This is expected to change in the future as these devices become more available, but the lack of these devices will likely cause a bump in FineLine’s campaign.

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