Facebook Rewards QR codes provide in-store savings

The social network is aiming to show its stuff in terms of boosting traffic to brick-and-mortar shops.

A new Facebook Rewards QR codes feature test is now underway as a new form of mobile marketing. This advertising is designed to send more in-store shoppers to the checkout counter with items to purchase.

The reason is that the quick response codes are not only personalized but offer savings or bonuses.

When a consumer scans the Facebook Rewards QR codes, they are able to take advantage of discounts and offers when they purchase something at certain stores. Though this feature has yet to roll out, it has become available for certain users who have been selected to test it. This Rewards feature can be found within the main mobile app’s More tab.

The test has been designed to help better understand the way the QR codes might encourage in-store shoppers to head to a brick-and-mortar shop and make a purchase. At the same time, consumers are able to collect and redeem savings and rewards when they shop at participating stores.

The Facebook Rewards QR codes have the potential to be beneficial to shoppers, stores and the social network itself.

facebook rewards qr codesConsumers will be able to obtain free discounts from their favorite stores simply for being members of the social network. Moreover, stores are able to draw more people to their shops by way of the quick response codes, giving their revenues a shot in the arm. It can also give them the opportunity to develop a greater repeat customer base and to encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

Facebook itself also stands to gain as it could boost its appeal to both users and businesses seeking to use the Rewards to bring in new shoppers. Furthermore, Facebook can gain valuable data about consumers by knowing which QR codes are scanned, how they’re, who is using them, where and what they’re using them to buy. This can, in turn, improve the relevance of targeted advertising particularly within News Feeds.

The social network has been testing features like the Facebook Rewards QR codes since 2012. At that time, it began working with in-store discount ideas through its original Offers launch.

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