New Facebook Pay QR codes make it easier for users to send money

Facebook Pay QR Codes - facebook sign with QR code

The quick response codes have been introduced to simplify person-to-person payments.

Facebook Pay QR codes are now rolling out to add a new way for users to be able to send money person-to-person. The quick response codes can be scanned by friends or family members to instantly transfer money from one person’s account to another.

The social network’s mobile payment service was first launched back in 2019.

The idea behind the Facebook Pay QR codes is to expand on the current convenience of the service and make it easier for contact-free transactions to be completed. The mobile payment service is integrated right into the social network’s various apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Person-to-person payments were already available at the initial launch of the mobile payments service. These were possible in the Facebook and Messenger apps. That said, the social media giant has now made it clear that in-person transactions also hold significant appeal and is aiming to make those transactions as convenient as possible so that they will become a top choice for users.


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The Facebook Pay QR codes arrive at a time when this type of barcode is commonplace.

Due to the pandemic, many businesses turned to quick response codes to help complete various types of task in a contact-free way. They have been used for contact tracing sign-ins, to access digital versions of restaurant menus, and to pay for products and services, among many other purposes.

Therefore, the social network has rolled out their mobile payment barcodes at a time when consumers view these barcodes as familiar and normal to use.

Using the Facebook Pay QR codes is straightforward. When using the mobile payments service, the option carousel offers a “scan” button. Pressing it makes it possible for users to scan a barcode for a friend or family member, then select the amount to be transferred, then send the money to the recipient’s account. Moreover, the social network’s mobile payments option is also introducing Facebook Pay QR Codes - facebook sign with QR codepersonalized payment links, making it easier for users to automatically direct others to a secure page for transferring money to their account.

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