Facebook expands partnership with Shopify to promote social commerce

Facebook marketing social media commerce

Companies to work together to make social commerce more prominent

Facebook has expanded its partnership with Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, in order to allow users to use the social network to serve as a digital store. The social network has been working to find a foothold in the mobile commerce space for some years now, but has been unable to do so due to failed initiatives in the past. Facebook’s with Shopify, however, has proven to be relatively successful, thus far.

Shopify Facebook Store will provide merchants with a better way to connect to consumers

The two organizations will be working together to form the Shopify Facebook Store. This will allow Shopify merchants to show off and sell their products through their Facebook pages. In doing so, they will be participating in social commerce, which is becoming a more popular concept within the social network industry. This concept involves using social media platforms to shop for and purchase products and merchants have found that engaging social media platforms has become an ideal way to promote products to a wider range of consumers.

Majority of Facebook users access the site via their mobile devices

Facebook social commerceThe majority of Facebook users access the social network through their mobile devices, making social commerce much more attractive for merchants. Many merchants have taken note of the rise in popularity of mobile commerce and are beginning to become more mobile-centric in order to provide consumers with better services. The Shopify Facebook Store will enable merchants to do this, but whether or not the new service will be successful remains to be seen.

Social commerce continues to be an attractive concept for retailers

Facebook hit some turbulence with its past attempts to find success in the mobile commerce space. The company’s previous attempts had proven unpopular with many consumers. This is something that other social networks have experienced as well, as they have found it difficult to engage consumers with mobile commerce initiatives. Despite this, retailers have shown favor for the concept of social commerce and continue to rely on social media companies in order to sell products to consumers.

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