Eye catching Irish boxer sports a QR code in a unique way

unique qr code marketing

New mobile marketing campaign follows similar stunt on female beach volleyball bikinis.

Eamonn O’Kane, a boxer from Ireland, will be sporting a different kind of gear for his weigh in for the Betfair Prizefighter Middleweights match which will be held on Saturday in Kings Hall, Belfast, and it will be featuring QR codes. This eye catching QR code marketing stunt  is appropriately named, “Marketing with balls.”

Instead of the traditional attire worn for the sport, O’Kane will be wearing his underwear, onto which the barcode is printed. When it is scanned by a mobile device such as a smartphone, the user will be redirected to the mobile website for Betfair.

This unique marketing ploy is not the first of this nature from the internet betting exchange.

In fact, Betfair also printed QR codes onto the bikini bottoms of Britain’s female beach volleyball champions, Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin. The design appeared centered on the athletes’ backsides. Regardless of the fact that the women were taking part in their sport and moving around, the campaign was still quite successful.

After the amount of attention and hype that was generated from this campaign, the company decided to repeat it and become possibly even more risqué by printing the scannable mobile advertising technology code directly onto the crotch of the clothing. Hardly subtle.

O’Kane will be wearing the specially designed boxer shorts when he steps onto the scales ahead of the fight.

The fans who do manage to scan the square design will be able to take advantage of the Betfair Mobile boxing betting markets. According to Alex Bake at the company, “The weigh-in is an important part of any fight and, from a betting perspective, will have an impact on our exchange prices.” He also added that “As the early favorite for the Middleweights crown all eyes will be on Eamonn, so any punter wanting to place a bet need just scan his pants.”

O’Kane, himself spoke about the QR codes attire he’d be wearing for the weight-in, saying that he never really considered himself to be the type to be an underwear model, but he joked that once he retired from the sport, he may have a second career to pursue.


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