Express uses QR codes and SMS to stay on trend beyond fashion

Qr code- Express

Qr code- Express

The retailer is making mobile the heart of its direct mail campaign.

Express, the clothing retailer, has announced that it will be placing QR codes, SMS and other mobile marketing efforts at the very center of its direct mail strategy in a nod to the vital importance of this technology to their target demographic.

The mailers have been released and will continue through June 29.

The promotion concentrates on the denim line at Express. The company has successfully used QR codes in the past and is now hoping to expand on that by using them again and adding SMS to this most recent strategy.

According to the Express senior vice president of marketing, Jim Wright, “While QR codes are becoming more universal, customers still interact with mobile in a variety of ways.” He explained that as their target audience views mobile as a highly important vehicle, “we wanted to provide options for the customer to choose which interaction was best for them and still provide the widest opportunity for engagement.”


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The barcodes on the Express 6-page mailers are located on the back, above a call to action via SMS.

Recipients who use their smartphones to scan them are redirected to an Express landing page on their mobile site, which is specific to the denim line campaign. The page spotlights 12 pairs of men’s and women’s jeans. Once there, consumers can tap on the style they like in order to view a filtered page that shows all of the various options within that specific line. They can read about the details of the product, look into reviews left by other customers, and make a purchase through the mobile commerce features of the site.

Beyond the QR codes, it is also possible for consumers to purchase the featured denim items they like by SMS, by using the short code 397737 and the keyword DENIM. This works for the smartphone users who have already opted in to the SMS program with Express. Once they send the text, they are automatically directed to the mobile site so that they can browse, read about the products, and shop.

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