Experts recommend that businesses not ignore Boomers’ money

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
According to experts in mobile marketing, businesses are wasting their money by focusing exclusively on younger customers while building their campaigns, instead of targeting older demographics which have more money to spend.

Businesses have become so attached to the idea that young people are the ones who use their mobile devices most frequently that they are entirely missing out on the most rewarding marketplace, the Baby Boomer generation, which has significant amounts of disposable cash just waiting to be spent.

Managing Director Steve Downes, from Juice Digital, which is the Tangerine PR digital agency division, spoke of the increasing tendency for companies to launch their mobile marketing campaigns that focus exclusively on customers that are young and tech-savvy.

He added that there is a significant amount of the wealth held in the country that is held by individuals over the age of 55, and that this is an important fact to remember when it comes to making money over the mobile channel. After all, he pointed out, “It will be quite a long time before the 15 and 16 year-olds become economically interesting to a lot of businesses.”

That said, Downes does completely agree that the younger demographic should still be kept in mind when it comes to the bigger picture, as they will become the larger spenders over time. However, what is not yet known is how long it will take before they become a large enough important part of the marketplace in terms of the amount that they spend and not just how much they use the devices themselves.

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