Experts make their predictions regarding the future of the iPad

ipad News

ipad News

As Apple is never overly forthcoming as to what it has up its sleeves for future versions of its products, experts are already making their predictions as to what will be included in the upcoming devices.

 Though there is some consensus about some of the features that will be included, others features are more dependent on the availability of upcoming new technologies within the next year and a half before the decision can be made as to whether or not they will be a part of the next iPads. Primarily, these include: 


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  • Will LTE become available in time?
  • When will there be a doubling of the screen resolution from 768 x 1024 to 1536 x 2048?
  • When will near-field communication (NFC) become available? 

The last (and virtually only) mention that Apple has made about LTE was in January 2011, when Tim Cook announced that it would not be possible to include it in the iPhone 4 for Verizon.  Since then, the radio technology has not been publically discussed by the company.  It is thought that Apple may choose not to try to lead the industry in the inclusion of LTE, but that it may follow in later products. 

That said, Apple is likely lining up to follow the rest quite closely in its introduction of LTE to its smartphones and tablets as it cannot afford to fall too far behind the rest of the industry in any level of technology.  For that reason, there is still a slim chance that it may be included in the next iPad, though it is likely not a top priority.

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