Experts discuss experimentation and persistence as primary elements for mobile ad success

Mobile Marketing News

Mobile Marketing News
Mobile marketers are responding to the rapid growth of mobile advertising by seeking the secrets to its successes and, so far, what they have determined is that experimentation and persistence are vital.

As the ad technique is still quite new, it is difficult for even the most successful mobile advertisers to identify precisely what made their successes and to define the steps to replicate those achievements in future efforts. Therefore, at the very basic level, they are proclaiming two rules that can lead to positive results, which are to keep testing and retesting, and to maintain persistence.

In mobile advertising, this tactic has been labeled “retargeting”. It has to do with keeping up the efforts with the understanding that there is only a tiny percentage (usually 2 percent or less) of individuals who receive an impression that actually take action as a result of having seen it. This means that a tremendous number of people (around 98 percent) do nothing – whether the impression encourages them to complete a survey, sign up for a new service, or subscribe to receive information or anything else.


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According to retargeting experts, since so few people will respond to an ad, it’s important to continue to retarget. This means that the presentation of the same message should be continually adjusted so that it can offer the same encouragement for an action, but accomplished in a different way every time until it pushes the right buttons in a recipient to achieve the greatest possible response.

The trick to retargeting properly is to have the ability to track the past behavior of customers so that trends regarding what has been popular in total or among specific groups of individuals can be identified, and ads can be better focused in the future.

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