Evolvex designs augmented reality tool that builds custom furniture

Augmented reality tool

Augmented reality tool

New online tool can help consumers build their own furniture with the help of augmented reality

Swedish retailer IKEA recently unveiled its first augmented reality catalog. The catalog features a variety of digital content that can be unlocked through and augmented reality application installed in a smart phone or other mobile device. The initiative is meant to provide consumers with more information concerning the numerous products that are listed in the catalog. IKEA is not the only one interested in augmented reality, of course. Evolvex, an Australian design studio, has developed an augmented reality tool that lets users design their own furniture.

Practical augmented reality continues to gain traction

Augmented reality is a powerful tool from a marketing perspective. The technology allows consumers to experience digital content in a new way, effectively making marketing campaigns more dynamic and engaging. The technology can also be used in games for the same purpose. Evolvex believes that augmented reality could be used for practical purposes as well as for entertainment. Thus, the studio has created a system that will help consumers purchase the right furniture for their homes.

Web-based tool gives consumers experience with augmented reality

The Evolvex Designer, as it is called, is a web-based tool that allows users to build custom furniture. The system is designed so that even those with modest computer skills can make use of it. Using augmented reality, consumers can then see how the furniture they created would look in their homes. Finished designs can be purchased from Evolvex, which will take approximately two to three weeks to manufacture and ship. Evolvex is currently working on making the purchasing and shipping processes more efficient and less time consuming.

Demand for augmented reality services growing

The role that augmented reality plays in numerous industries is beginning to grow too large to be ignored. More companies are making use of the technology than ever before. Thus, the demand for augmented reality services is growing amongst consumers and businesses. While Evolvex is not the first to offer augmented reality services regarding furniture, its use of the technology could encourage others in the field to try their hand.

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