Everyone should have a little QR code in their daily diet

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Cereal and Snack QR Code Campaign

The food industry is making use of QR codes more these days. Pul Foods, a leading manufacturer of nutritious cereals and snacks, has announced that they will be partnering with Altimo, a software development firm that makes specialized landing pages for businesses. Pul Foods will be using the codes on their packaging and, using Altimo’s software, will construct landing pages that will offer product information and other digital content.

Pul Foods will begin using the codes as part of the launch of their most recent snacks. Company CEO, Dr. Deepa Shenoy, believes that the codes are another way to dynamically reach their customers, likening them to a virtual salesman. Pul Foods has used Altimo’s software in the past as part of their SMS based marketing campaign. They were please with the response to their efforts and have opted to take the next step in mobile marketing.

“By using out software,” says Altimo CEO Sunil Baliga, “they will be able to communicate information beyond what’s on their packaging.” Using the codes, Pul Foods will be able to share digital content with consumers. Such content can be anything from YouTube videos to exclusive coupons only available to those scanning the codes.

Altimo’s mobile platform will also help the company keep track of the performance of the codes and allow them to make changes to their campaign should they feel the need. The codes will be featured on the new Crunchfuls brand and their use may be expanded in the future.

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