Emojis are starting to make their way into mobile marketing

emoji mobile marketing

Brands are adopting the use of these emoticons on an increasing basis in order to make posts more relatable.

When it comes to mobile marketing over social media, some brands seem to have it down pat while others are missing the mark, but nobody seems to be able to come up with a specific formula to reach consumers and successfully engage them.

In order to help to improve social media marketing success, brands have been turning to emoji adoption.

A new report published by marketing automation firm, Appboy, has shown that mobile marketing companies are employing emojis on an increasing basis in their push campaigns and emails, as well. An analysis of nearly 9,400 mobile advertising campaigns used across both the Android and iOS platforms determined that there had been an increase in emoji usage in those types of messages by 775 percent from March 2015 through March 2016.

The analysis determined that mobile marketing firms are using emojis at a greater rate over Android than iOS.

emoji mobile marketingThe Appboy analysis also determined that the year over year growth in the use of emojis in mobile advertising was greater among Android campaigns than it was among iOS campaigns. Over android, mobile push notifications and emails saw an increase in emjoi use by 1,070 percent, whereas those over iOS grew at a strong, but notably smaller rate at 662 percent.

It was also determined that the companies and brands that were most likely to use emojis in their mobile campaigns were e-commerce businesses and retailers.

There is a great deal of appeal associated with these little emoting graphics. They attract the eye and the attention of a viewer and can help to increase the context of a statement. That said, the actual impact of using emojis in mobile marketing has yet to be measured. Only time will tell whether the use of these little images is increasing engagement with consumers or producing any results in terms of response to a call to action. The research form Appboy did not find any correlation between the use of emojis and the open rates of messages and notifications. More testing and time is required.

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